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Meet The Team

Founded by Frank Roller, a seasoned professional and passionate traveler, this venture stems from his profound love for travel and his curiosity for the undiscovered. His background in art direction and producing commercial content for global brands has fueled this passion project. Our mission is explicit: to assist travelers and wellness enthusiasts in discovering destinations and meeting interesting storytellers who share their visions and expertise.
We are immensely honored and grateful to have a panel of advisors and mentors supporting our editorial team on this journey. Together, we aim to present what we deeply believe holds immense value, inviting you to explore and discover destinations worthy of your visit.

“It all began with storytelling—narratives about distant lands, new traditions, and diverse cultures. Our aim remains the same—to continue this tradition.”

Frank RollerFounder, Seeker, Human
Founder, Seeker, Human

Frank Roller

Travel has always been an integral part of the human experience—exploring, learning, and immersing oneself in new cultures, tastes, and experiences. It stimulates the mind, pushes boundaries, and draws individuals away from routine. Travel transcends merely being an escape from daily life; sometimes, it’s not even about covering great geographical distances. It’s about traversing within your mind, dreaming, and engaging your senses with fresh impressions and stories, ultimately broadening your perspective and unveiling the sheer beauty our world offers.


Kathy van Ness

Kathy Van Ness serves as the Chief Operating Officer/General Manager at Golden Door (

Kathy is a wellness enthusiast and a seasoned professional in the fashion industry, having previously worked with renowned names like Diane von Furstenberg and Speedo. With over three decades of expertise in brand development and management within the luxury and fashion sectors, she brings a wealth of experience and a deep-seated passion for fostering positive change in the world.

Active in various organizations, Kathy is a member of the World Affairs Council and the Sustainable Business Council. She serves on the Advisory Board for 5Gyres, an organization committed to eradicating plastic pollution in the oceans. Additionally, she actively supports women’s empowerment initiatives, holding the role of a “Lean In” Champion Circle Mentor with WIN/WPO and participating in the Women International Network.


Metsa Nihue - François Demange

Metsa Nihue – François Demange,  is a globally recognized healer specializing in traditional Amazonian lineages.  Over the past decade, Metsa has led ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine rituals in South America, fostering awareness among communities from the US, Europe, and Canada.

Furthermore, Metsa is a Reiki master healer and a Sun Dancer with the Dakota Tipi Nation of Canada. He has been initiated into the Bwiti healing art and ceremonies of the Iboga tradition in Gabon by Maman Bernadette Ribiennot and is a part of the Native American Church of the Denee Nation. 

Metsa, along with his wife Kelly Jennigs, co-founded The Sacred Ways Foundation, which extends direct financial support to indigenous families and communities to preserve their ancestral wisdom.
For more information, please visit:

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Silke Hensel

Silke Hensel is an accomplished and renown Marketing expert in the Fitness Lifestyle industry, bringing over two decades of expertise in strategic and operational business and brand development.

Previously serving as the Chief Marketing Officer at RSG Group North America, Silke spearheaded marketing, branding, and communication initiatives for well-known fitness and lifestyle brands such as Gold’s Gym, HEIMAT, and JOHN REED Fitness. Before that, she held a management position with Grey WPP, contributing to its service for 20% of Fortune 500 companies.

Over the years, Silke has expanded her network and gained profound expertise, particularly in the dynamic European and American markets. Her focus lies in supporting companies and brands in strategic brand marketing decisions when entering the European or US market.  As an experienced executive in the fitness and wellness segment, she also supports and advises start-up companies to help them grow in this competitive landscape.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Silke is an enthusiastic yogi, an explorer of holistic healing modalities, and an avid traveler.