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WHERE: Majestic Southern Alps - 1 hour from Queenstown Airport
VIBE: Surrounded by stunning mountains, hiking and yoga at its best
PERFECT FOR: Solitude and yoga in nature , with a contemporary design

New Zealand’s wellness traditions meet luxury


Immersed in New Zealand’s rich history, Aro Ha is deeply rooted in the land and culture. The Māori language, Te Reo Māori, is intertwined with daily life, and its words hold profound spiritual connections. Aroha, often translated as ‘love,’ signifies a more profound state of existence, reflecting the retreat’s essence.

Every facet of Aro Ha embraces mindfulness, from its purpose-built luxury space to the expansive natural surroundings. Standing on this sacred whenua (land), the mountains’ energy and beauty envelop you.

The tranquil environment soothes the mind and spirit, providing a wellspring of well-being. Aro Ha strives to perpetually self-sustain, leading the way in human and environmental health. It aims to inspire a connection between nature, wellness, and humanity’s transition to a regenerative existence.


Healing / Wellness / Spa / Yoga / Retreats:

Aro Ha’s wellness philosophy centers on the transformative power of daily habits. Mornings begin with the gentle chimes of a Tibetan bowl and the spectacle of a New Zealand sunrise. Nourishment is paramount, with balanced breakfasts that fuel your day exploring subalpine trails. Mindfulness infuses each activity, from cooking classes to strength training, with the day concluding in the soothing embrace of the infrared sauna and daily massage.

The retreat fosters disconnection from technology, rekindling self-awareness. Aro Ha’s approach, inspired by the Māori ‘aro ha,’ meaning “in the presence of divine breath,” focuses on the foundational practice of breath. Join this resort  to explore your own breath, balancing body, mind, and spirit.


Aro Ha’s food philosophy shines with a predominant focus on plant-based ingredients, championing the garden-to-table concept. Each meal is a celebration of nutrient-rich, gluten-free goodness, offering a blend of flavors to detoxify, rejuvenate, and delight the palate.

What truly sets Aro Ha apart is their commitment to sustainability, evident in their permaculture garden that provides over 45% of the ingredients. Their seasonal menu keeps things fresh, allowing guests to savor dishes that align with garden availability. The culinary team showcases inventive ways to prepare vegetables, encouraging mindful eating and an exploration of food’s sensory pleasures.


 Aro Ha is cradled in the pristine Southern Alps, surrounded by an ethereal landscape. Lake Wakatipu glistens in the backdrop, while lush, rolling hills invite exploration. The retreat’s location provides a natural sanctuary for self-discovery and renewal.

The nearby town of Glenorchy is a gateway to various activities, from hiking to exploring the charming countryside. The Southern Alps, with their grandeur and tranquility, set the stage for a transformative journey at Aro Ha.

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Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

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