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WHERE: 2 hour drive from Cape Town Airport in South Africa
VIBE: Immersion in nature with selfguided retreats
PERFECT FOR: Hiking fans, yogis on the search for inner transformation

A Transformative Retreat Experience at Bodhi Khaya Retreat, Western Cape, South Africa


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Western Cape, South Africa, Bodhi Khaya Retreat offers a transformative escape that marries the serenity of nature with holistic wellness and spiritual rejuvenation. Visitors to this idyllic retreat are invited to embark on a personal journey of healing, self-discovery, and relaxation. Here, the rush of daily life is replaced with the tranquil sounds of the wilderness, and the cares of the world seem a world away.

Wellness Options

Bodhi Khaya Retreat is a haven not only for seasoned spiritual seekers but also for beginners on the path. The retreat center warmly welcomes those who are new to yoga and holistic wellness practices. Their beginner-friendly yoga classes and programs are designed to gently introduce novices to the world of self-discovery and transformation. Personal Retreats at Bodhi Khaya offer the flexibility for guests to participate in scheduled activities or follow their own rhythm. Here, you can do as much or as little as you like, with the option to enhance your stay through add-ons such as massages, cooking classes, and private yoga sessions. Guests can also immerse themselves in the retreat’s spring-fed mountain dams, providing the perfect opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the hot summer sun. Each dam is located in a unique biome, teeming with diverse birdlife, plants, frogs, and other animals, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Bodhi Khaya Retreat offers an array of walking and hiking trails, providing ample opportunities to explore the magnificent surroundings.


The food at Bodhi Khaya Retreat is a delightful blend of nourishment and gastronomy. The center’s cuisine is known for its wholesome and organic ingredients, with a strong focus on vegetarian and vegan offerings. Every meal is prepared with love and care, ensuring that guests not only savor the flavors but also receive the nutritional benefits of every bite. The kitchen team often sources ingredients locally, adding a touch of sustainability to the dining experience. Dietary preferences and special requests are accommodated with pleasure, and meal times are also opportunities for connection and community as guests gather to enjoy their culinary journey together.


Bodhi Khaya Retreat is located near the charming town of Stanford in the Western Cape, South Africa. The closest major airport to this tranquil haven is Cape Town International Airport. This makes it easily accessible for travelers from around the world, whether they are coming from afar or closer to home.

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Bodhi Khaya Retreat
Grootbos Road, Stanford, 7210, Western Cape, South Africa

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