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WHERE: Walking distance to the breathtaking beauty of the Cliffs of Moher
VIBE: Retreat seekers who enjoy the raw beauty of the west coast of Ireland
GUESTS: Yogis, Hiker, Cold Plunge Lovers with a deep connection to the forces of nature

Breathwork and Yoga at a breathtaking destination


Located  within the iconic landscape of the Cliffs of Moher, the retreat offers a sanctuary for inner reflection and connection amidst the raw beauty of nature. Guests choose from bespoke experiences including yoga, meditation, and multi-day retreats, guided by a leading wellness expert. The Atlantic Ocean view studio provides a breathtaking backdrop for transformative journeys, whether hiking the cliffs or taking a wild swim.

Stylish country lodge accommodations offer comfort and serenity, complemented by delicious organic fare sourced from the retreat’s gardens. Positioned midway along the Wild Atlantic Way, the retreat serves as a gateway to Ireland’s coastal beauty, where towering cliffs and secluded beaches invite exploration.

County Clare’s rich history adds depth to the experience, with sacred sites like Bridget’s Well offering moments of reflection and renewal. Nearby, the ancient Poulnabrone Dolmen stands as a testament to Ireland’s Neolithic past, allowing guests to connect with the land’s timeless heritage.

Wellness Options:

From immersive yoga and meditation sessions set amidst breathtaking vistas to holistic therapies like massage and acupuncture, every facet of the retreat is meticulously crafted to foster inner harmony and balance. Guided by seasoned practitioners, visitors can participate in workshops and retreats tailored to foster mindfulness, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Additionally, the retreat offers invigorating outdoor activities such as hiking along the majestic cliffs and experiencing the revitalizing energy of the Atlantic Ocean. The “Release into Joy” retreat, led by experienced facilitators, invites participants to explore the healing arts of song and dance, embracing breathwork, restorative yoga, and ecstatic awakening dance amidst the stunning backdrop of the Cliffs of Moher.

Specialized retreats like the Wim Hof Method delve into harnessing the power of cold exposure and breathwork to unlock inner strength and vitality, with immersive experiences guided by certified instructors.

Moreover, popular retreats like “Yoga & Hiking” offer a comprehensive experience combining morning yoga sessions, scenic hikes along the Cliffs of Moher Trail, and indulgent relaxation in the retreat’s amenities.


Drawing inspiration from the region’s landscapes and seasons, Arctic curates a menu that celebrates the essence of Norrbotten. Local ingredients take center stage, reflecting the pristine wilderness that surrounds them . From dairy products to wild meats, fresh herbs, and berries, each dish tells a story of our connection to the land.

At the Cliffs of Moher Retreat, dining is an integral part of the experience, offering a culinary journey that delights the senses. Guests indulge in meals crafted from locally-sourced, organic ingredients, harvested just steps away from the dining area. A stroll through the garden reveals a treasure trove of vibrant vegetables, edible flowers, and fragrant herbs.

The talented chefs transform these fresh, seasonal ingredients into vibrant and nutritious dishes, catering to various dietary preferences. Whether enjoying a hearty breakfast, wholesome lunch, or delectable dinner, each bite is bursting with flavor and nourishment. Communal dining experiences foster a sense of connection among guests, enhancing the overall retreat experience.


Accessible by both car and public transportation, the retreat provides ease of travel for guests seeking a tranquil escape. Shannon Airport, the nearest international hub, lies just an hour’s scenic drive away, while picturesque train and bus routes offer alternative journeys through the Irish countryside.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with convenience and hospitality, with shuttle services and rental cars readily available for seamless transportation to the retreat. For eco-conscious travelers, an onsite electric car charging point is provided, complemented by ample free parking facilities.

Travel options abound, with trains running to Ennis, a charming town 33 kilometers away, and airport buses connecting major cities like Dublin, Galway, and Cork to the nearby Ennis. Additionally, national bus services offer routes to Liscannor, from where guests can easily arrange a taxi to the retreat center.

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