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WHERE: Big Sur, California - - Situated on rugged cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean
VIBE: A community of open-minded travelers, seeking workshops and hot springs.
PERFECT FOR: Preferred adults-only, from tech CEOs to alternative lifestyle lovers

Big Sur’s raw beauty for personal transformation


Tucked away on the rugged cliffs of California’s iconic Big Sur coastline, Esalen Institute is more than just a retreat. In 1962, two bold Stanford graduates, Michael Murphy and Richard Price, founded Esalen as a sanctuary for those who dared to ask questions unexplored by traditional institutions.

Inspired by the visionary ideas of Abraham Maslow and Aldous Huxley, Esalen became the cradle of the Human Potential Movement. Today, six decades later, Esalen stands as a beacon for holistic learning, a global retreat center inviting guests and scholars to unlock their fullest potential through experience, education, and research. 

With a commitment to personal and collective growth, Esalen continues to push the boundaries of human potential, fostering a more just, creative, and sustainable world.

Wellness Options

At Esalen Institute, synonymous with transformation and holistic healing, you can immerse yourself in the healing waters of clothing optional natural hot springs on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, finding solace in the power of touch through massage and bodywork sessions for relaxation and restoration. Check out the famous Esalem Massages.

Their yoga, movement programs, retreats, and workshops promote physical and emotional well-being. Delving into mindfulness, personal growth, and spiritual exploration, Esalen’s rich tapestry of offerings allows guests to customize their retreat experiences, be it meditative, creative, or educational.


Dining at Esalen is a mindful and communal experience. The institute’s food philosophy is rooted in sustainability, with many ingredients harvested from the on-site garden. Meals are a celebration of the local and organic produce, prepared with love and intention.

Guests can enjoy vibrant, healthy cuisine in a stunning dining room that overlooks the ocean. Esalen places an emphasis on communal dining, fostering connections with fellow retreat-goers.

The nourishing meals are a reflection of the institute’s commitment to holistic wellness, offering a harmonious balance of taste and nutrition.


Perched on the rugged cliffs of Big Sur, California, Esalen Institute boasts an awe-inspiring natural setting. The institute’s location on the edge of the Pacific Ocean provides a backdrop of pristine beauty and serenity.  You only can visit, if you have a confirmed reservation. 3 hours from San Francisco – 5 hours from Los Angeles. 

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Esalen Institute

55000 California 1, Big Sur, CA 93920, USA

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