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Blue Zones: Optimizing Your Longevity in Baja

Baja, Mexico - Date 06/17/2024


As society becomes more intrigued by longevity, MEA partners with Blue Zones to offer certified workshops, exploring the secrets to a long, happy life. Through a blend of education, diet, and well-being practices, participants consciously shape their later years. Delve into the wisdom of Blue Zones centenarians, reflect on lifestyle choices, and gain tools to enhance happiness and energy. Open to all ages, this workshop requires no prior study of aging. Expect transformative conversations and insights, empowering you to curate a healthier, happier life.


Nestled on the beachfront, our campus boasts an array of amenities, including pools, hot tubs, and yoga platforms. Designed by Oren Bronstein, in collaboration with Chip Conley, our grounds offer massage rooms, a library, and an organic garden. Whether relaxing, reflecting, or chatting, comfortable seating nooks abound. Visitors often remark on the campus's ever-changing beauty.


  • Transport to and from SJD airport
  • Three meals per day plus beverages and alcohol
  • Yoga and meditation, Off-campus explorations


  • Travel Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Massages, Bodywork


Along with her deep involvement and study of the Blue Zones, Céline is a certified health and lifestyle coach, yoga teacher and breathwork practitioner and has worked in a range of strategic roles and projects across the globe, including for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and as a Founder of Wellness Consultancy WE(i) Think and health coaching brand Retrouv’I. She is the co-founder of sustainability and innovation-oriented Hospitality Think Tank.