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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Date 04/22/2024


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and love with our Maya Love Retreat in Guatemala. Beyond finding a partner, this experience focuses on cultivating self-love and attracting love into your life. Guided by Maya elders Tata Mario and Nana Amalia, witness the magic as relationships flourish. Release past traumas through gentle exploration and powerful ceremonies, paving the way for a heart open to love. Learn the importance of self-love and acceptance, radiating the energy that attracts your ideal partner or rejuvenates existing bonds. Led by renowned Maya elders, this holistic retreat incorporates traditional practices and sacred plants like cacao to foster harmony in all aspects of life.


Retreat Center at Lake Atitlan - shared and private accomodations


  • Meals and Accommodations
  • Women's Circle with Nana Amalia
  • Men's Circle with Tata Mario
  • Ceremonies: Participate in transformative ceremonies led by Maya elders


  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bodywork


Tata Mario Simon Ovalle Chavez: A renowned spiritual leader, naturopath, and traditional musician, Tata Mario is dedicated to healing and spiritual balance. He's the founder of Ajq’ijab’ council Iq’ B’alam and works extensively in medicinal plants and Maya cosmology.

Nana Amalia Tum Xinico: A gifted healer and spiritual leader, Nana Amalia is known for her profound wisdom and healing abilities. She collaborates with Tata Mario on various ceremonies and rituals, focusing on purification and spiritual balance.

Nana Rosalía Zavala: A spiritual guide and midwife, Nana Rosalía is deeply connected to ancestral wisdom, working with sacred fire and tobacco readings to maintain community order.

Nana Ixquik López Zavala: A traditional Maya holistic midwife and spiritual guide, Nana Ixquik specializes in natural medicines and is a member of the National Council of Ajq'ijab'. She brings her expertise in holistic healing to the retreat.