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Rē Precision Health

Sayulita, Mexico - Date 04/06/2024


The Rēset Intensive is a 5 day introduction to tools for nervous system regulation to improve physical and mental wellbeing. The nervous system is the connection between the mind and body. When it is dysregulated, our sleep, hormones, digestion, cognitive function, reactivity, performance and more are affected. The program takes a systems approach to reversing the sympathetic dominant state (chronic activation of the flight/flight/freeze/fawn response) by addressing the physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and existential factors that affect the nervous system.


The center is located on the south side of Sayulita (Mexico) - a popular surf town. Accommodation is in a hill-top villa with 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Sierra Madre mountains and lush jungle. Immersion in nature, daily sunshine and a distinct change in environment enhance the effectiveness of the program. The development is gated with 24 hour security.

The is a large infinity saltwater pool, gym, large terrace and other amenities.

Winding jungle paths provide a beautiful walk to Sayulita. Two virgin beaches are a 10 minute walk away.


  • 3 anti-inflammatory chef-prepared meals per day and snacks
  • Workshops on Sympathetic Dominance, Heart Rate Variability Training, Neuromeditation, Nutrition and more
  • Immersive, body-based activities such as ice bath, sweat lodge, breathwork, TRE, mitochondrial activation, movement for neuroperformance
  • Accommodation and free shuttle between the villa and the airport (at specific times)


  • Flights
  • Private transportation if your flight does not coincide with the shuttle


Rē Precision Health was started to share information about the nervous system that is foundational to mental and physical wellbeing but seems to be missing from the current medical model. The goal was to help people to find more freedom and joy in their lives - break down mental prisons formed by an outdated operating system and better understand how their body and brain operate to create more coherence rather than resistance.

We have a whole team of practitioners, facilitators, and staff prepared to create this experience with you: