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Gustavo is a yoga and meditation teacher, a personal trainer, and an author living in Austin, Texas.

While preparing for a career in the field of medicine, Gustavo suffered a hamstring injury while running. On his quest to heal his body and manage stress, he discovered yoga.

Over the last ten years, Gustavo has been uplifting his community through joyful movement, soothing meditations, and light-hearted classes.


Where are you currently, and does it feel like home?


I am currently in Austin, Texas, and it does feel like home. However, I am not opposed to exploring different parts of the world. I was in Costa Rica a few weeks ago; I shared this with you earlier, and I just fell in love with the slow pace and not having an agenda, really. I was mesmerized by the fact that there’s another world out there that is not always grinding, going from one meeting to the other. I was able to unplug in such a beautiful way from my phone—one, because I chose to, and two, because the Wi-Fi signal and cell service were minimal, non-existent. It was just what I needed.I needed this time in Costa Rica to remind myself that there’s another world outside of Austin and that I can continue doing what I love, even if it’s in another city or another continent. So, while Austin feels like home, I think I am ready to move elsewhere


What did you do in Costa Rica?


In Costa Rica, it was a mix of work and leisure. I had most of the day off after teaching morning yoga and conducting a few lectures in the evening. I joined a group of 26 students from diverse parts of the world—North America, Germany, and the UK. Walking into the space, I hardly knew anyone except for the other training facilitator. But by the end, I left with 26 new friends; it was a beautiful experience.

Leading training sessions in Austin is one thing, but being in Costa Rica, deeply connected to nature, allowed me to rediscover my own natural rhythm. It’s what they call “Pura Vida,” meaning pure life—a slower, more authentic way of living that resonated deeply with me in the Costa Rican setting


 Your journey involves a transformation from aspiring in medicine to becoming a wellness influencer. Could you tell us a little bit about this journey?


In my journal “Grounding Practice”, I touch on a significant life shift. Initially, I had ambitious aspirations of attending medical school. I diligently pursued this dream, completing internships, shadowing doctors, and fulfilling all necessary requirements. Eventually, I secured acceptance into medical school at the age of 20 or 21.

Despite achieving this milestone, I found myself deeply dissatisfied, exhausted, and yearning for something more fulfilling. I’d dedicated myself tirelessly, foregoing summers since high school to pursue this singular childhood dream of becoming a doctor and aiding in healing. However, my unhappiness persisted.

Yoga made intermittent appearances in my life before becoming a pivotal turning point. Introduced by my mother through a DVD and later suggested by a friend due to a shoulder injury, it wasn’t until a hamstring injury necessitated rehab that I earnestly embraced yoga. My third encounter with yoga, driven by the injury, marked the beginning of a profound connection. It became a healing sanctuary for my body and soul, addressing not just physical injuries but also emotional healing from past experiences I’d overlooked.

Reflecting on my personality as a relentless go-getter, I realized I’d been neglecting self-care. Yoga emerged as a vital practice, not just for physical flexibility but as a sanctuary to heal my body and rediscover forgotten aspects of myself.


What inspired you to expand your offerings beyond yoga and meditation to become a mindset coach? And could you explain what a mindset coach is?


I’ve come to understand the power of the law of attraction and manifestation in shifting energies through thoughts. I noticed many of us tend to lean towards negative biases, envisioning the worst-case scenarios. I wanted to shed light on this tendency.

Rather than dwelling on the worst outcomes, I advocate for channeling that same energy into more positive, uplifting thoughts. For instance, when I contemplated publishing a book like “Grounding Practice,” self-doubt plagued me. I had to coach myself to overcome these limiting beliefs, reminding myself that I am qualified and capable, even if I lacked prior experience.

Mindset coaching, in essence, involves guiding individuals away from dwelling in negative thoughts and biases, nudging them toward better-feeling thoughts. It’s not about expecting an immediate leap from stress to overwhelming joy—that’s unrealistic. Instead, it’s about finding the next best feeling step by step.

In my coaching sessions, I encourage this gradual approach. We explore the next best feeling thought and progress incrementally. The goal is simple: to help people reframe their thoughts toward more positive outlooks, step by step, without diving into toxic positivity. It’s about fostering a mindset shift, one incremental positive thought at a time.


What inspired you to create this journal, and how does it assist individuals in their journeys?


This journal is an extension of my teachings in classes, offering something tangible for daily use. Its purpose is to aid in shifting mindsets. Each morning prompt is designed to set intentions for the day ahead. The first prompt, “My intention for today is,” is deliberately open-ended, allowing individuals to choose whatever resonates with them. It could range from catching up on emails to showing kindness to oneself or others, or simply prioritizing pending tasks.

I created this tool because, in the past, like many, I found myself aimlessly navigating through my days. This journal aims to instill a sense of purpose and intentionality. Writing down intentions accesses the prefrontal cortex, linked to higher cognitive functions. By putting intentions on paper, you’re planting the seed in your mind, signaling your brain that this is what you aim for.

Doing this in the morning is crucial as your mind is fresh from sleep, creating fertile ground for these intentions. It’s a way to set the tone for the day ahead by planting these seeds of intention in your mind.


As a teacher and “influencer” or a rolemodel for so many health seekers, how do you strike a balance between teaching and personal practice in your daily routine?


Well, there’s been a lot of trial and error as I’ve explored different tools and practices through various seasons of my life. I want to acknowledge my privilege in having a supportive team around me. I regularly meet with a psychotherapist once a week, a physical therapist monthly, and indulge in massages on a monthly basis. This team collectively tends to my mind, heart, and body, ensuring holistic care.

Moreover, meditation is nonnegotiable for me—5 to 10 minutes every morning. It’s integral in fostering a sense of connection and presence as I begin my day. Following meditation, journaling becomes a crucial practice. When I write down my intentions for the day, I feel accountable for fulfilling them:  “My intention for today is.”


I already forget what I write down in the morning 🙂 


Yes – . And the beautiful thing about this is that you can go back to read and think, “Oh, this is what I wrote.” But, you know, it’s a practice

That’s the great thing about this journal—it’s open-ended and adaptable to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Regarding practices that keep me grounded, attending classes taught by other instructors, whether in person or online, is crucial. It allows me to remain a student and simply receive, balancing the giving aspect of teaching.

When I teach and show up online, I offer a lot, so it’s vital for me to refill my own cup by embracing the opportunity to learn and receive from others. I aim to take at least two classes a week, although sometimes it ends up being just one due to schedule constraints.


It also depends on your seasons—sometimes you are busier or less busy to implement a practice. It’s about staying curious and taking care of yourself. People often burn out, especially in the wellness industry. Those teaching wellness can experience burnout themselves as they constantly give without tending to their own healing. It’s an important aspect to address. Shifting gears a bit, your recent travels to Costa Rica—traveling to various places while teaching—has that impacted your personal healing journey or influenced your teachings? Perhaps not just in Costa Rica, but anywhere else as well


So, I’ve traveled a lot this year, which was a significant change from not traveling much since 2019 prior to the pandemic. Whether it’s a short trip to places like Dripping Springs in the Hill Country, or a destination like Bali, traveling always recharges me in numerous ways.

Being outside of my usual routine offers a different perspective on life. It heightens my appreciation for what I have at home and emphasizes the vastness of our world. This experience sparks a deeper sense of curiosity in me to explore as much as I can.


I absolutely agree. Traveling is an essential part of my life. In the last 3-4 months, I’ve been mainly exploring Europe, visiting friends and family across various cities. I’ve delved into Greece, particularly enjoying island hopping in places like Amorgos and Sifnos.

Speaking of the future of wellness and healing in our current global climate,- no one holds a crystal ball for the future, but observing the current global turbulence, one can’t help but wonder about the trajectory of spiritual practices and holistic wellness.


Yeah, right. Well, a few thoughts come to mind. I firmly believe that many people seek healing spaces, and I don’t think the desire to travel for that purpose will ever cease. However, I also believe in finding healing within your own space, right where you live. There are numerous incredible wellness practitioners and healing techniques available locally to aid in your healing journey. Healing isn’t always straightforward; it’s messy, filled with ups and downs.

Those who can travel and leave their homes for healing purposes are privileged, as this opportunity isn’t accessible to everyone due to various constraints. While I deeply appreciate and recognize my privilege in being able to travel and experience it, I acknowledge it’s not feasible for everyone.

So, while I believe that travel will continue to be an integral part of seeking healing, I also firmly believe that healing resources are accessible no matter where you are in the world.


What advice would you give to individuals who are just starting their journey toward healing and personal growth using holistic practices like yoga, meditation, and mindset reframing?”


I can share what has worked for me and some of my clients: checking in with your heart. Our heart serves as our internal GPS. It holds the answers, while doubts and fears cloud the way forward, obstructing our vision. Feeling stuck or unfulfilled is a sign that change is needed. So, ask yourself, “What would you do if failure wasn’t a concern?”

This question has guided me when I’ve felt uninspired or in need of a change—much like the impulse to create the journal, which persisted for years before I acted on it. There’s significance when dreams or desires persistently resurface. Listening to your heart, finding happiness in what you do, is crucial. When you operate from this place of joy, solutions tend to reveal themselves.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and ask yourself, “What do I need to do? What brings me joy?” Pursuing what genuinely makes you happy allows everything else to fall into place. You’ll operate at a different frequency, drawing support from the universe or whatever you believe in.

Healing yourself often translates to helping others find their healing too. Your journey towards happiness can ripple out, positively impacting many others.


“Where can people get the Grounded Practice book? Is it available on your website or on Amazon?”


I believe both avenues work. It recently launched on Amazon, but you can also find it on This six-month guided journal is flexible; you can start anytime, anywhere, and even if you miss a day or two, you can seamlessly pick up where you left off. Crafting this journal was a labor of love; I poured my heart and soul into it. The testimonials I’ve received are incredibly heartwarming, affirming its need and impact.

This experience has been a poignant reminder not to delay my passions due to self-doubt. It’s shown me that if a dream or passion persistently calls to me, there’s a purpose behind it. Sometimes the work or art you create isn’t solely for yourself; it’s meant for others. It’s about tapping into a larger source of inspiration and allowing that creativity to flow through you.

Each copy of the journal is the same, yet the experience differs for each individual using it. It’s like a piece of art; every user interprets it uniquely. 


It was a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you for your time, and keep on helping people on their journey.

To get in touch with Gustavo visit:

Instagram: @gustavoapadron