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WHERE: South Tyrol between the Dolomites and Salto/Salten, close to Bolzano, Italy
VIBE: Forest bathing in an eco-friendly, contemporay design.
GUESTS: Nature lovers with a taste for design and elevated hospitality.

A Tranquil Haven in the Heart of South Tyrol


Hotel Saltus epitomizes sustainability, preserving South Tyrol’s charm. This retreat champions sustainability, jointly shared by guests and the hotel, nurturing environmental responsibility and cultural preservation.

Committed to a circular economy, Saltus collaborates with regional farmers for an authentic and sustainable dining experience. It’s a serene escape with a profound commitment to preserving nature and culture in perfect harmony.


Wellness Options

The Eco Hotel Saltus in South Tyrol presents an exquisite array of nature-infused experiences that are thoughtfully curated. From their meticulously designed packages to the seasonal regional cuisine, every detail beckons exploration.

The allure of their Forest Spa, captivating Sky Pools, and the mesmerizing Dolomite vistas all add to the charm. Unveil the latent treasures within you, and experience a profound transformation that reverberates through your world.

At Hotel Saltus delve into the therapeutic blend of our yoga philosophy, the healing allure of the forest, the biophilia concept, and the naturally evolved ethos, crafting a unique experience of introspection and rejuvenation.


The culinary journey at Hotel Saltus is a feast for the senses. The resort’s gourmet restaurant serves delectable dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the region’s culinary heritage.

Guests can savor exquisite flavors while admiring panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty. The commitment to farm-to-table dining ensures a gastronomic experience that is both nourishing and delightful.


Located in the heart of South Tyrol, Italy, Hotel Saltus offers a picturesque setting embraced by nature’s tranquility. Surrounded by the majestic Dolomite mountains and verdant forests, the resort provides an idyllic escape into serenity.

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Hotel Saltus

St. John 36, 39030 San Giovanni, Valle Aurina, South Tyrol, Italy

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