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WHERE: Pacific Coast of Guerrero,165 acres of jungle and a mile of untouched coastline
VIBE: Community of Art and Culture Lovers with a Focus on Holistic Healing
GUESTS: Hipster, Dreamer of a New Communal Sustainable Living

Kavana: The Heart of Wellness in MUSA’s Jungle Paradise -opening 2025


MUSA envisions a harmonious society where life, work, wellness, and pleasure blend seamlessly. Located between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific, MUSA spans 165 acres of jungle and a mile of untouched coastline. It’s a community designed for dreamers, fostering a collaboration of cultures and arts that inspire sustainable, intelligent living. Embracing tropical modernism, MUSA celebrates simplicity and offers endless new experiences. The nearby localities, rich in history and tradition, provide authentic connections to the region.

A new and exciting development is Kavana, a holistic retreat center that will further enhance MUSA’s wellness offerings.

MUSA’s accommodations, including Hotelito, Casa Musa, and Base Camp, cater to diverse needs, blending modern comfort with natural beauty.

Wellness Options:

MUSA offers a range of wellness activities, including world-class surfing at two secluded breaks, all-terrain exploration, and excursions to hidden waterfalls through beautiful hikes and horseback rides.

A notable upcoming development is Kavana, a 30-acre retreat center and learning institute set to open next year, which will enhance MUSA’s wellness offerings. While not designed as a specific healing space, MUSA’s miles of pristine beachfront serve as a sanctuary and biosphere for local flora and fauna.

Additionally, the Water Temple, currently under construction, will be a multipurpose sanctuary for lounging, meditating, and sharing experiences. This circular structure, inspired by traditional temples and located at the edge of the freshwater biopool, is designed to harness the sun’s energy, embodying the resort’s commitment to purposeful living.


MUSA emphasizes fresh, organic, and locally-sourced cuisine, featuring a farm-to-table program led by Chef Rodrigo Serna. The on-site garden flourishes with kale, arugula, squash blossoms, chiles, and wild coconut, complemented by yolks from ducks and chickens.

Local seafood, mangoes, watermelons, and lagoon-harvested salt enhance the offerings. Serna crafts dishes that respect the product’s origin, highlighting local vegetables and seafood. Nearby fishing villages contribute fresh, organic ingredients, enriching the culinary experience with authentic, healthy flavors that reflect the region’s culture.


MUSA is located on the Pacific coast of Guerrero, Mexico, a 35-minute drive from Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport (ZIH), 42 kilometers south. Nearby attractions include beachfront restaurants in La Barrita (4 min), handmade treats and artisanal salt in Juluchuca (6 min), the gold market in Petatlán (18 min), charming beaches in Zihuatanejo (35 min), and sparkling coves in Ixtapa (45 min).

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