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WHERE: Region Hohe Salve. It's about a 1 drive from Munich, Salzburg, and Innsbruck
VIBE: Traditional Austrian hospitality meets breathtaking natural beauty
GUESTS: Families and Groups who love the Mountains with Hiking, Skiing, and Hearty Cuisine

A Mountain Retreat Tradition Revived


For well over a century, Kraftalm has been a cherished mountain sanctuary for travelers seeking a tranquil escape. In May 2021, this Alpine gem celebrated its grand reopening following a meticulous renovation, breathing new life into an age-old tradition while preserving the very essence that has drawn generations of guests. 

Nestled amidst the expansive Alpine mountains, Kraftalm offers the perfect retreat for those who crave solitude and space. With a mere 29 rooms, it retains its intimate, cozy atmosphere.

Here, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice, with a range of 12 distinct room categories to cater to your individual preferences. The Kraftalm experience is a testament to the belief that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Its modest size allows guests to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in the serenity of the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of larger hotels.

Wellness Options

Kraftalm boasts a wellness program that’s nothing short of spectacular. Guests can unwind in a scenic mountain panoramic pool that provides an awe-inspiring view of the Kaiser mountains. The panorama sauna, nestled between the heavens and the Kitzbühel Alps, is the ideal place to embrace relaxation, with the potential for pure joy to wash over you.

In the Chill-Out Room, guests can escape the world’s hustle and bustle, savoring the silence and taking time for themselves. The retreat’s Alpine garden is a serene spot to lounge and connect with the great outdoors. Here, you can also experience the rejuvenating mountain water from the retreat’s own spring.

The icing on the cake is the infinity pool, where you can literally swim up to the Wilder Kaiser, fostering a sense of closeness and connection with the mountains that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Mornings at Kraftalm offer a hearty breakfast served in a charming breakfast room. Locally sourced delicacies grace the stone blocks, including homemade jams, freshly baked pastries, and energizing muesli, along with egg dishes made from the free-range eggs of Söll’s resident hens.

Lunch is an opportunity to refuel amidst the pristine alpine setting, with a menu crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

The culinary journey continues into the evening at Kraftalm. Dinner is a celebration of regional and seasonal flavors, beautifully presented in each dish. With a menu that boasts both traditional and modern interpretations of alpine cuisine, guests can explore a range of delectable choices in the rustic yet elegant dining room.


Perched in the Kitzbühel Alps, Kraftalm offers a serene retreat from the chaos of modern life. The retreat is enveloped by vast mountain landscapes, lush greenery, and the ever-inspiring Wilder Kaiser mountain range.

While Kraftalm retains its charm as a small mountain lodge, its location offers unrivaled solitude and proximity to nature, setting it apart from larger hotels. 

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Donnersbachwald 48, A-8953 Donnersbachwald, Austria

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