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WHERE: Hidden Gem in the Mojave Desert, Secluded and Private
VIBE: Wellness Seekers who enjoy the healing energy of the desert
GUESTS: Ideal for small groups up to 8 guests, or a personal get away.

A private wellness space in the wide Joshua Tree desert


Welcome to Sand To Snow, a private hideaway in the boulders of Pipes Canyon area of Joshua Tree.

Mojave Desert Skin Shield Retreat, nestled in the tranquil landscapes of California’s Mojave Desert, offers a transformative wellness experience guided by founder Patricia Vernhes. With over two decades of expertise in holistic practices such as Yoga & Ayurveda, Reiki, and Native American Energy Medicine, Patricia integrates ancestral wisdom with modern modalities to craft a unique healing journey for her clients.

Patricia deepened her connection with indigenous traditions and plants, studying under local Native American elders and sound therapists.

Now, at her Wellbeing Space in Pioneertown, she extends her offerings globally through lectures, workshops, and individual sessions. Patricia’s commitment to ethical practices shines through Mojave Desert Skin Shield’s organic skincare and wellness products, emphasizing sustainability and Earth-friendly principles.

Wellness Options:

The retreat provides a diverse range of healing and wellness options, including sunrise meditations, Tao Tea Medicine sessions, sound therapy, mineral outdoor baths, individual fascia healing sessions, whole-body infrared therapy with PEMF, bodywork such as classic and Thai massage, movement classes, and guided hikes to sacred sites.

These sessions are designed to detoxify, recharge, and facilitate personal growth through a blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge innovations.


Guests at Mojave Desert Skin Shield Retreat are treated to delicious meals prepared with organic, locally sourced produce, following the Ayurvedic principle that food should be prepared by loving hands. Additionally, a protocol of juices, broths, and elixirs is offered in alignment with the retreat’s philosophy of health and longevity.


Situated on 14 acres of pristine land in the Mojave Desert, the retreat provides a serene environment for its guests. To reach the retreat, guests can travel to Pioneertown in the Mojave Desert, where Patricia Vernhes treats at her Wellbeing Space.

Pioneertown is approx 3h from Los Angeles, CA.

The location offers a perfect setting for personal growth and healing, surrounded by the natural beauty of the desert landscape

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Mojave Desert Sand and Snow

Pipes Canyon, Pioneertown, Mojave Desert, CA – USA

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