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Rei Chou is a visionary leader and social innovator committed to helping individuals discover and share their unique gifts. With over a decade of experience collaborating with influential leaders and creatives, she has been instrumental in driving innovation and transformative experiences. As the Founder of The Feast, Rei has organized over 10 major conferences and 600+ dinners worldwide, partnering with organizations such as MTV, Nike, and The White House. Her initiatives have brought together pioneers from Kickstarter, Airbnb, Arcade Fire, and the JPL Mars Rover team, all united in the mission to create a more beautiful world.

In addition to her work in innovation, Rei is deeply attuned to several non-dual, enlightenment-based energy lineages, including Usui Reiki, Reiki Tummo, KAP (Kundalini Activation Process), and channeled energies from the archangelic realms. Her holistic approach combines her expertise in leadership and energy healing, making her a unique force in the realm of personal and collective transformation.

Rei’s journey as an entrepreneur and social innovator has garnered recognition from Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Based in New York City, she continues to inspire and empower others to create a better world.


People might know you from your work with THE FEAST and the series of dinner gatherings that connected thinkers and leaders. What inspired you to create The Feast, and what is its current status? 


I think the Feast was my first expression of what I still believe; that each and every person has a unique gift, a unique superpower, special capacities, whether that’s problem-solving, entrepreneurship, making art or music, or just thinking about things differently. The Feast was a way of bringing us all together with the intention of sharing our gifts to make the world a better place.

The idea was that when we share our gifts with each other and with the world, we create a feast of ideas, new ventures, and new possibilities. The first expression was a conference where we brought together change-makers and leaders from Arcade Fire to Cirque Du Soleil to MakerBot and Airbnb, really showcasing what is happening out there, what’s new, what’s innovative, and helping us think differently about what’s possible and how we can use that for good.

Since my own personal evolution towards becoming a spiritual channel, I realize that it’s amazing to do good in the world, but it’s also important to consider how we’re doing it. What place are we doing it from? Are we doing it from a place of fullness or from a place of scarcity and anxiety? 

The Feast has now evolved into a series of dinner conversations where we invite people to the table to explore what we have an abundance of—creativity, ideas, laughs, smiles, whatever it is—and what we are hungry for, whether that’s personal or something we want to see in the world around us. Ultimately, when we consider what we’re hungry for, we ask what satisfaction would feel like and what it would take for us to feel full beyond just chasing more and more.


At The Feast, you connected influential leaders and creatives. Now you focus more on energy work and personal transformation. How did this shift happen?


I was living in New York when I was doing the first generation of the Feast, and New York is all go, go, go, work hard, play hard, all that. I was doing yoga and things like that, but honestly, I did not believe in energy work. It’s like that’s some woo-woo stuff. Those people are crazy ( laughs) 

But in 2013, I had my first energy experience that was undeniable. It was like something happened there? And I did not know anything about energy work, but I knew that the experience I had was something I couldn’t have made up. 

Fast forward just a few months later, my stepfather got really ill, and I landed in the hospital with him during a series of surgical complications and things like that.There happened to be a Reiki practitioner at the hospital, and that was the first time I really received any energy work. I had a powerful experience. So at the hospital, I asked if he would train me. He trained me at the hospital—all three levels in a week—and that just sent my world spinning.


I also had the honor to do one of your energy sessions with you, and it is really kind of shifting things, and I think the rational mind cannot understand it. Maybe you don’t have to understand it from a rational standpoint – you said in one interview :”You gotta feel it to heal it”


So to your point, we try to understand so much with our minds and that only goes so far. Our minds are great at pattern recognition and making stories about what we experience . Like for example a stop light – when a stop light turns green, I walk. The brain is really good at all these things that keep us alive from a day-to-day perspective.

However, the brain/neural system runs through the entire body. So I like to say that the brain actually exists throughout our entire nervous system. It extends out to your fingers and to your toes. 

We don’t often realize that what you exercise strengthens. So whatever pathways you practice again and again, whether that’s thinking that I’m not safe or thinking that the world is beautiful, our brain and our physiology, our neural system throughout our entire body is reinforcing whatever patterns we are circling.

Your body and your mind connected as one have been doing that ever since you were conceived. The body is this great scorekeeper of our life’s experiences and all the stories that we’ve made about our life.

But again, this extends throughout the entire body.  So when we rewrite something, when we realize that a pattern or story we’ve created is no longer helpful to us, like if you keep dating the same person and ending up in terrible situations, it’s like, OK, what is the story there? And how do you rewrite that? Ultimately, that story lives in your body. It lives in your somatic, emotional, and neural structures all together as one.

You can think about that reality over and over, but that’s only part of the puzzle. “Feeling it to heal it”  involves engaging any understanding of reality through the body, through the emotional body, and through the mental mind structure to really acknowledge what is true for you in your body and mind, to experience and express it so that the pattern can be rewritten. We need to acknowledge it to release any of the emotion there and to build new neural pathways.

That’s why it doesn’t necessarily work to just say, “I am beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful.” Until you feel that in your body. Then there’s a full bridge from every part of you to this new belief, to this new reality. Otherwise, there’s this disconnection of different parts within you. 

That’s what the idea of wholeness is about, embracing all parts of you, including the part that thinks, “I’m not beautiful,” and saying, “OK, we feel that. There’s a sensation there, an experience of reality there.” And then what? Where does that want to extend out into instead of being siloed ? What can that connect to now?


So when you do this energy work, you obviously help people to feel. There’s something I read about portals, where you combine movement and art to help find these deepest prayers and desires. Is this something you developed, or where is this coming from? Portals? And maybe you can explain it for the non-energy experienced people, what the whole portal concept is all about?


Like we said, we have all these beliefs in our bodies. With the energy work I do and with movement, we have for example something that’s contracted, like something out of fear or out of scarcity or grief or suffering – we close down, we contract to protect ourselves. Often, that’s how these beliefs get stored in our bodies. We start to hold things in different places. Then we don’t want to feel it because we want to keep ourselves safe. We don’t want that thing to come up again. But when we do that, we close down our consciousness.

So there’s no consciousness in these spaces where we feel these beliefs. Ultimately, a lot of energy work and healing work is about bringing love, consciousness, awareness, and light into all parts of us. Like we were saying before, “the feeling it, to heal it”, when you start to bring light and awareness, consciousness to these parts that have closed down, they start to open. As they open, there’s more breath, there’s more awareness, you may feel what’s been stuck down there, but on the other side of that, there’s more space and more possibility.

When we bring divine energy into the body, it helps the body open up around all these places that have been closed. That’s why we have the experiences we have during energy sessions.

We cry, we feel beauty, or we feel ecstatic, or we feel angry. All of this is just the divine moving itself through all these different spaces in the body. When you bring movement to that, it can help bring expression to what is stored and closed down in a similar way to what  Kundalini yoga does.

You keep opening your chest, and eventually, those pathways start to open. When we move, when we dance, there is a potential to invite the divine to move through the body and bring awareness to different parts of the body that have been closed down. It also helps to find its expression through the physical form. That’s where all divine dance yoga comes from, the divine expressing itself through the human body.

When the human body is lit up by Kundalini, by oneness awareness, the body responds in certain ways that are common. A lot of people report in heightened states of meditation, their palms feeling hot, which is essentially where Reiki comes from. 


But the interesting thing I experienced with your work was there was no movement. There was just music. You basically worked with music and there was not even deep breath work. It was like you shifted with hand movements the energy in the room. So there was no dance, people were laying down. So I’m just wondering, how can you channel this energy? People had this experience without even moving?


So part of what you noticed was that I was moving. There can be great periods of stillness with awakened energy for sure. But even when I first started channeling, I noticed my hands would move very slowly, but then eventually they started moving more and more, and it wasn’t because I was moving them, but because the energy was moving.

I’ve done sessions with people who have popped into backbends, and they’ve said, I don’t do backbends. If there’s a contraction or belief or something that wants to move, there might be some shaking, or the body might be trying to move that out of the system. 

You might feel really cold because the parasympathetic nervous system is in overdrive and working. So there are all these different types of experiences that can come. But once there’s a level of surrender that’s made available, oftentimes you’ll start to see some of the more divine expressions of the energy.

Even if it’s just having your palms up, that says something. Having your heart arched, that’s the heart expressing something through the body. Now, the session that we did was more a passive surrender expression of the work. 

But we also work with each other collectively-  what’s called systemic constellations. This idea that we exist in systems, we don’t exist alone. So when we are drawn to someone, just like in life.

Serendipity happens . That starts to happen in a physical space, especially with dance workshops, people start to heal each other. People start to offer exactly what someone else needs because the system is informing everyone’s surrendered movement together. And then where it starts to get really interesting is when we start to do that not just for healing each other but for sending an intention or prayer for something that we want to see in the world.

So we’ve done portals around peace in the Middle East, portals for a sustainable relationship with the planet. In these cases, we start to dance with and for what we want to see in the world. We step into that together and allow ourselves to be moved to express this bigger intention.


Are you more focused on working with groups, corporations, or individuals? Is there something that you like to do the most, or is there an area where there’s the biggest demand?


I think when I do proper work with people, I’m often doing similar kinds of energy work that we did together, and really helping people connect with their core essence and the fullest expression of that core essence. So for example my experience of you is very kind, very bright, very strong energy.

You may have a certain color that you associate with yourself. You have an amazing capacity to build, to see structure and beauty in certain lines. I feel like there’s this essence to you, right? Which is completely different from my essence, which is maybe a little bit lighter, a little bit more creative, whirling, and a little bit more like deep space, void energy. 

What I’ve been really excited about lately is helping people tune into their essence and find the expression of that through their work in the world, through healing the energy, and lighting up the analytic capacity of the energy.

The other part that’s been really beautiful is doing that with groups. To your point, and this goes back to the Feast, ultimately, it was always about this idea that we all have this gift. When we access that pure essence of self together, like what we experienced a little bit at your place, there starts to be this sharing of gifts and capacities that is exponential.

We feed into and support each other because all of our gifts are different, all of our energies are different. One person could be amazing at evoking money, another person could be the essence of joy and freedom, and another person could be the essence of structure. When we start to share that with each other, there’s this beautiful exponential possibility that starts to occur.

I’m starting to do that with groups I’m putting together different organizations that want to experiment with liberating energy in different ways, everything from social advocacy groups to companies.

The portals work is my art and advocacy work. It’s the stuff that I do because we need peace in the world, we need all these things. I’m starting to work with universities and philanthropic groups that want to help mobilize people towards agency and change. Beyond just media and campaigning, it’s a way to actually get people into their physical bodies, regulate their nervous system.

So they can say, “OK, I’ve moved through what is at odds with peace within myself. Maybe I’ve done that with someone from the other side of the table”. Now, we can talk. Now, we can actually take action together from a place of peace.


Is the work you offer mostly one-on-one in person, or online. Does the energy  also work via Zoom or remotely, or does it have to be with you as a physical presence in the room?


Actually almost all my clients are remote. I am starting to do more retreats, that’s something that I’m getting into and excited about the platform that you’ve built because I’m excited to create really beautiful experiences. 

I just did an energy experience with Virgin Voyages on their new Elevate series, which is getting really incredible feedback and reviews. 

I am also starting to do more retreats that are my own, or with different organizations. The other piece that I’m really excited about is how energy can be accessed through media and content. So, creating more playlists and meditations that people can do on their own or to tap into a larger community from where they are.


How can people find you and work with you ?


Find me at my website, or on Instagram. The way that I like to work is just through an initial conversation. I’ve been doing these free 30-minute sessions with people just to connect. Just to see what it is that you’re looking for and also to determine if I am the right person..

Its all about helping people find their way to who and what they need. Always happy to connect and see if this resonates between me and someone else, or if not, help them find their way.


It was a pleasure talking to you – thank you Rei for your beautiful healing work you are doing.