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l'été des femmes - Summer of Women

Gers, France - Date 06/23/2024


Escape to our retreat, a sanctuary for unity and transformation. Together, we navigate transitions from the past to the present. Life mirrors nature's cycles; as your luminosity peaks, change looms. How do you embrace evolving womanhood? Cultivate a lifestyle honoring your perpetual femininity, irrespective of age. Embrace change as the elixir of youth. Together, let's define our paths. What woman will I become? Let's empower each other's journeys. Engage in movement, learning, and rejuvenation amidst France's summer allure.


In the tranquil countryside of southwestern France, The Peace Keeper Estate offers a timeless escape amidst rolling hills and sunflower fields. Here, time slows to grant relaxation and serenity. The restored farmhouse features amenities like a pool and sauna, surrounded by picturesque woods and vineyards. Nearby, the quaint village of Saint-Orens Pouy Petite beckons with charm, while day trips to Bordeaux and Toulouse are easily accessible. Immerse yourself in the region's culinary heritage; our French-trained chef will guide you in mastering local specialties using fresh produce.


  • Seven days, six nights luxury accommodation at a private estate
  • Daily movement sessions merging Yoga, Pilates, and dance
  • Workshops on hormonal balance led by Emilie and Marlys
  • Three daily meals crafted by our in-house chef


  • Travel Airfare
  • Massage/Bodywork
  • Travel Insurance


Emilie & Marlys - Despite our diverse backgrounds, our shared passion for transformative movement unites us.
With 25 years of combined teaching experience, guiding students from all walks of life, and leading numerous workshops and retreats, our journey feels like a new beginning together.
Discover the rejuvenation of unexpected connections woven through movement and creative practices. Craft a healthy, harmonious lifestyle to carry forward.
Lasting change stems from the simple yet challenging choice to live authentically, supported by the right companions.