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Mythos - Ionian Experience

Lefkada, Greece - Date 09/08/2024


Lefkada Island once was known as Ithaca, fabled home of Odysseus; today it is a sparkling gem in the Ionian Sea full of history and unique culture. It boasts some of the world’s most beautiful blue beaches as well as ancient villages and dreamy waterfalls.
Using the inspiration of the Odyssey, we’ll explore our own personal Mythos while diving into mindful movement (yoga) and local mythology for self-discovery.
“Mythos” takes place at a true retreat setting: a selection of private, cliffside villas exclusive to our guests.


The story of this place goes back to 1920 when our grandfather farmed these lands with grapes, olive trees and few animals. Despite the harsh conditions of that age, locals never lost hope and passion to make it a better place. Since 2007, we share this beloved space with the same passion and dedication.

The Ammoudi exclusive beach belongs to the environmental protection network Nature 2000, because it is a habitat for dolphins and seals. It is a completely private, low-to-zero people location and can be accessed only through our property or via a boat. The beach is covered with small white pebbles and bits of sand. The crystal blue and turquoise waters will blow your mind.


  • Experience daily yoga sessions complemented by Mediterranean meals
  • Embark on a memorable sailing excursion
  • Explore a secluded beach through an invigorating hike
  • Airport Transfers Aktion airport of Preveza


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  • Travel Insurance
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As a student of the Kripalu yoga lineage under Yoganand Michael Carroll, I've learned that yoga is more than just physical exercise—it's a philosophy woven into the fabric of life. Through Carroll's storytelling using myth and metaphor, the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita came alive, revealing that all existence is yoga.

Inspired by this perspective, I embrace diverse yoga practices as a means of personal exploration and aim to foster inclusive spaces for self-discovery. In 2016, I established Santosha Studio, a haven for communal practice with a focus on empowering the sacred feminine