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WHERE: Two hours from LAX , in the hills of San Marcos - close to San Diego, CA – USA
VIBE: Secluded, very private sancuary with an one of a kind experience
GUESTS: From CEO's to Celebrities - Wellness seekers, who enjoy community, privacy and top notch service.

Embrace Serenity in a Japanese-Inspired Sanctuary


Golden Door, affectionately referred to as ‘The Door,’ has stood as a revered wellness sanctuary since the 1950s, welcoming illustrious guests such as Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and more recently, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts or Angela Bassett.

This one of a kind sanctuary sprawls over 600 acres of picturesque rolling hills, meadows, Japanese gardens, and citrus groves. Offering 30 miles of private hiking trails and extensive bio-intensive gardens, Golden Door specializes in seven-day retreats, focused on re-aligning guests with their inner selves.

It’s more than just a typical wellness hotel experience; Golden Door fosters a sense of community akin to family.

Wellness Options

Golden Door, often revered as one of the United States’ most exclusive and luxurious health retreats, offers a week-long stay.

The sanctuary’s serene Zen gardens and tranquil ambiance welcome guests to shed their identities and immerse themselves in wellness, regardless of their background or societal role. Here, anonymity reigns supreme, allowing individuals to focus on physical fitness and mental well-being. The retreat’s core ethos revolves around reconnecting with one’s inner self.

Endless wellness activities and customized healing modalities are available à la carte , such as the soothing Watsu massage, designed to cocoon you in a warm pool before employing gentle movements and stretches to relax your limbs and ease joint mobility.

The level of care and personal attention surpasses that of a regular wellness or high-end spa.


Chef Greg Frey Jr. spearheads the farm-to-table culinary experience at Golden Door, curating hyper-seasonal and locally sourced menus with ingredients cultivated on-site.

This dedication to freshness and locality manifests in exquisite meals that complement the holistic wellness journey embarked upon at the retreat.


Golden Door’s picturesque setting, only 30 minutes from San Diego, spans over 600 acres of breathtaking landscapes, featuring Japanese gardens, citrus groves, and extensive hiking trails. Car services are available from airports in San Diego or Los Angeles.

Privacy stands out as one of the most cherished highlights of this unique property. It fosters a feeling of returning home to a community of friends and fellow health seekers.

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Golden Door

777 Deer Springs Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069, USA

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