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Rich in cultural heritage and natural wonders, this region offers a diverse range of healing destinations.

Glastonbury – The Isle of Avalon

Begin your healing odyssey in Glastonbury, often referred to as the “Isle of Avalon.” Steeped in myth and legend, this ancient town is believed to be the burial place of King Arthur. Its lush countryside is dotted with natural springs and energy vortexes, drawing seekers from around the world. The iconic Glastonbury Tor, a hill with spiritual significance, offers panoramic views and a deep connection to the land’s energies.

Stonehenge – An Enigmatic Wonder

Journey south to the iconic Stonehenge, where colossal stones stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history. This sacred site, built over 4,500 years ago, aligns with celestial events and is believed to possess healing energies. Stonehenge’s spiritual significance is a testament to ancient cultures’ reverence for the land’s natural energies.

Avebury – Ancient Stone Circles

Just a stone’s throw from Stonehenge lies Avebury, home to one of the largest stone circles in the world. This Neolithic site offers a serene atmosphere where visitors can connect with the earth’s energies. The village itself exudes a tranquil charm, inviting travelers to explore its ancient history and engage in holistic practices.

Edinburgh – A City of Spirit

Edinburgh, a city steeped in history and spirituality. The Royal Mile, flanked by historic buildings and narrow alleys, leads to the majestic Edinburgh Castle. The city’s underground vaults and tunnels are rumored to be haunted, adding an element of mysticism to its rich heritage. Edinburgh’s vibrant arts scene and festivals inspire creativity and spiritual exploration.

Findhorn – A Sustainable Oasis

Head north to Findhorn, a community in northeastern Scotland known for its eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Surrounded by natural beauty, Findhorn offers holistic retreats and workshops focused on personal and planetary healing.

Photos in order by: Mitch Hodge, Connor Mollison, Niklas Weiss, Paul Underwood, Julia Solonina, Zeynep Elif Ozdemir, Anna Urlapova